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At Bridges Behavioral Health people treated  get better.


   The hallmark of Bridges Behavioral Health is our ability, philosophy and treatment which uniquely address the whole person, in order to treat clients effectively by producing positive and functional outcomes.


   Unlike other treatment methods in which a client is labeled according to a particular criterion we work with each client to identify and resolve the unique core issues that underlie their presenting challenges, stressors, and symptoms which address the client's destructive life experiences and behaviors. 

The front line treatment is predominantly CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy) along with Narrative Therapy. Clients prioritize & identify goals they desire to reach. They learn the tools to construct the functionality & desired outcomes for their lives. Therapy is a client centered approach regardless of the presenting issues. When things are not working out in life folks discover that each of us has within us resources to author our desired next chapter of life. Personalized success is identified by individual, couple & family accomplishment & achieving desired results.

    My job is to inspire folks to find the tools & resources within themselves and then assist them in feeling motivated to use these tools and resources. Much like a Sherpa.

    Not much in life can be more apprehensively thought about as change. Let's partner up and find our way back by building bridges to secure our mental health.

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